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Dedicated Team of Professionals

Aelaf Technologies combines dedicated team of Analysts, Designers and Developers.

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Software Development

Using the modern Object Oriented System design methodology or other unique approaches, we work on various types of software application developments. We use C# and Java for enterprise business solutions in association with SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL DBMS. PHP/MySQL is used to develop corporate websites and portals.

Web Apps & Web Sites

We create amazing user experiences and build applications that look great on every device. We design all of our websites and applications using the responsive web design approach. We build everything from enterprise grade web applications to simple content management systems that power web sites and mobile applications.

Mobile Apps

We, at Aelaf, are passionate, creative, and have experience developing products as entrepreneurs. We work together with our clients to build compelling mobile apps that provide lasting excitement and value to their customers. Our deep understanding of mobile and web based technology empowers us to bring a level of expertise to your company like no one else.

ICT Consultancy

Our ICT Advisory and Consultancy services provide strategic advice in helping organizations and businesses maximize its ICT asset in an effective and flexible manner and to achieve its business goals. Our decades of theoretical and practical experiences to interpret and transform a client’s vision into a simple business aligned and prioritized roadmap of initiatives is testament to our effectiveness in delivering leading edge and fit-for-purpose ICT strategies and solutions.

ICT Trainings

Aelaf provides professional trainings for those who want to keep up with the ever-changing technology needs, upgrade their underlying skills or learn new career skills. Our academic and industry experiences help us tailor the needs of our trainees and equip them with the required theoretical and practical knowledge. Visit Aelaf Training Center for more information.


Embedded Systems

Aelaf has dedicated engineers to develop embedded systems for customized user demands and applications. Our primary targets are Home Automation systems, Traffic Accident Detection Systems, Car Tracking, Intelligent Traffic Systems and Smart Cards. Aelaf offers a full range of design services for embedded system development that include system architecture and design, electronic circuit design & analysis, real-time software design, printed circuit design, and mechanical packaging design.


We work with you to fully understand your business and your target
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Why Choose Us?

Let us help you realize your projects & maximize your results

We take care of every requirement detail to design your systems. We make all-around research to solve your unique requirements. Using our modern agile based development approach, we create solutions that best fits your requirements and results in a lower total cost of ownership. We test your systems not as developers but as end users from various perspectives. Finally, we deliver your product & artifacts and deploy it in your preferred environment. Training and knowledge transfer is part and parcel of our development approach.

Our Approach

With development teams comprised of an experienced software architects and  developers, we utilize a broad range of skillsets to accomplish your specific objectives. Because we specialize in several technology stacks as well as latest development tools, we put the right practices in motion to achieve the exceptional results you expect.

Passion for Technology

We firmly believe that the most important ingredient driving individual performance is doing what one likes to do. Our passion for technology innovation and collaborative workforce makes us technologically competent by paving the way to the future.

Quality makes the Difference

At Aelaf, we don’t just create software. We build solutions to business problems. From idea to successful product, we made a well thought-out design. Our ability to check every level of an application is unique. We manage quality at the visual, middleware and end-user layers.

Our Core Solutions

Inventory Management Systems

Our generic Inventory Management system supports inventory control & management, financial management, customer management and Administrative Approvals.

Audio/Video Streaming Apps

Our Streaming Mobile Apps support both On-Demand and Live Streaming for Audio and Video. The streaming apps are designed and implemented to work with Android and iOS platforms.

Document Management System

An Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) incorporates key process including document capturing, scanning , storage, indexing, sharing, searching, versioning, distribution, disposals, and security levels. Our EDMS provides robust feature to manage organization’s documents and process from its creation to its disposal.

Integrated Travel Management System

Aelaf’s On-the-Shelf Integrated Travel Management system allows hotels, travel agencies, tour operators and car rentals to work from a centralized system. Our travel and hospitality management solution targets hotels, tour operators, and travel agents.

Prepaid Mobile Top Up Solutions

This solution provides pre paid mobile subscribers top up their mobiles online. It provides users with an alternative approach to the printed Voucher Card system currently being used by Ethio Telecom.

Financial Management System

The Financial Management System supports key features including Payroll Management, Vendor Management, Customer Management, General Ledger, Banking & Accounts Reconciliation, Budget Management and robust reporting

What we are Up to

We are a pan-African technology company, located at the Heart of the African Capital, offering solutions for a cross-section of industries in partnership with some of the world’s leading brands.



Define your Accounting and Financial management activities with our proven, well-tested solution.


Media & Publishing

Rich your end users where ever they are with our end-to-end streaming solutions. Our streaming solutions for audio/video work from a PC and mobile platforms. 


Tourism and Hospitality

Our Tourism and Hospitality solutions provide a one-stop service for managing hotels, tour operators, travel agencies and car rentals.



Top up your pre-paid mobile with Janotel, our Online Service. Simply register and add your number to request your preferred balance.


Document Automation

Manage the creation,  storage, indexing, retrieval and distribution of your organization’s documents from a single point of management interface.



With the ever increasing demand of professional IT careers, Aelaf provides advanced ICT trainings targeting IT professionals with a real practical sessions.