ICT Consultancy

Our ICT Advisory and Consultancy services provide strategic advice in helping organizations and businesses maximize their ICT asset in an effective and flexible manner and to achieve their business goals. Our decades of theoretical and practical experiences to interpret and transform a client’s vision into a simple business aligned and prioritized roadmap of initiatives is testament to our effectiveness in delivering leading edge and fit-for-purpose ICT strategies and solutions.
Through a customized approach and working as collaborative partnership our clients, our recommendations and solutions are delivered simply through independent advice focused on delivering quality solutions that are practical and relevant to achieving organization’s business goals with the help of ICT.

Some of our key areas include:

  • ICT Support and Management for Organizations
  • Setting up ICT strategy
  • Organizational Data and System Management
  • Preparing and Evaluating RFPs, SRSs and Design Documents
  • The deployment and commercial exploitation of organizational applications and tools
  • Skills auditing, the evaluation of IT training requirements and the formulation of IT training strategy.
  • Evaluation and Testing of Software Systems
  • Evaluation, Management and Testing of Network Systems
  • Setting up organizational ICT Communication Channels (Email and Messaging services)
  • Organizational Data Center Design and Management
  • Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
  • Disaster Recovery, Risk Assessment and Strategy