Quality makes the Difference!

Aelaf is an IT company established by young entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts specializing in providing online services and enterprise software solutions. Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Aelaf combines a passion for user satisfaction, technology innovation, and collaborative workforce that embodies the success of our various solutions. For 8+ years, Aelaf professionals have been working on various enterprise application developments, complex web sites and web applications development, large scale network installation and configurations, and various training and teaching activities.


To become Africa’s leading technology and solution provider.

Mission Statement

  1. Developing creative, innovative and dependable technology solutions that can empower our customers in their day to day business activities
  2. Providing localized and contextualized software solutions
  3. Empowering professionals and organizations through training and consultancy.

Core Values

  • Excellence, responsibility, commitment, and teamwork are what they define us
  • We are highly bonded with the services we provide and products we deliver
  • Continuous professional development and technology adaptability
  • Innovation is in our very core

To satisfy our various customer needs and requirements, we use an agile based development and support strategy.

Aelaf Development and Support Strategy

To ensure the reliability, compatibility and adaptability of our solutions, we use matured and viable technologies and frameworks based on a pre-research and study. We use Java and C# with their appropriate frameworks for enterprise solutions. We use PHP for light-weight web apps and services.