Digital Marketing Training

The marketing landscape has evolved significantly over the past decade. Brands and marketers need to consider alternative strategies and tactics in order to reach and connect with prospects and consumers. What worked a few years ago, may not work now, or even a few months from now.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing (DM) has become a predominant component of many marketing mixes in recent years. And, now it is critical that multiple marketing channels and disciplines are leveraged together in order to remain relevant to the always on, always connected customer life cycle.

This training course will focus on introduction and insights to a breadth of core and emerging digital channels and disciplines. Trainees will learn the holistic value of Digital marketing through research and development of an actionable digital marketing approaches. Understanding the interconnected value of these channels and disciplines will set you apart from other marketing professionals and guide your development as a digital marketing expert.

The internet, possibly present the greatest marketing opportunity of the 21st century. Twenty years ago, it was practically impossible for a small startup to compete for advertising space with well-established businesses. This was largely because the media for advertising such as TV, billboards, magazines and radio were available to the highest bidder and small startup could not match the financial muscles of well-established firms.

Training Course Outline

  1. Introduction (1 hour)
  2. Digital Marketing Fundamentals (2 hours)
  3. Website Experimentation (5 hours)
    • Installation & Administration
    • Content Creation
    • Blogging
  4. SEO – Search Engine Optimization (8 hours)
  5. Social Media Marketing (8 hours)
  6. Email Marketing (6 hours)
  7. Mobile Ads (6 hours)
  8. Google Ads (5 hours)
  9. Google Analytics (5 hours)