Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) System

Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) System is a way of distributing prepaid voucher cards electronically to end users through various sales channels. Telecom operators use this service as an alternative option to distribute airtime pin cards and related services.

Ethio Telecom, the leading telecom operator in Ethiopia, has recently launched EVD service to distribute electronic voucher cards in partnership with private companies. The primary requirements set by Ethio Telecom to engage with the EVD service is legal VAS license, server and related infrastructure, EVD software, and 250+ Point of Sale (POS) or Bluetooth machines. In addition, the partner is required to have a minimum of 1M Birr as registered capital to run the business.

Janotel Dashboard

Pic: Janotel Dashboard overview

Aelaf has developed a customized EVD system and its Point of Sale (POS) application to successfully operate and engage in the EVD business. The product, referred as Janotel, is a complete solution that provides EVD service providers use it in their overall operational management and sales tracking.

Features of Janotel

  • Dashboard displaying complete statistics including current target, available balance, daily sales, monthly sales, total retailers, total agents, total pos machines, and available quantity by eVoucher amount
  • POS Machines registration and management
  • Distributors, sub distributors and retailers management
  • Bulk Importing voucher cards from Ethio Telecom server
  • Sales Target setting for retailers and agents
  • Commission type and rate management
  • Voucher order management
  • Encrypt and store voucher cards in database system (provides secure storage of voucher cards in the database). Secrete key of the voucher card is always stored in an encrypted format in the database.
  • Telecom providers management
  • Recharge amounts management
  • User authorization and management based on role based access
  • Various reporting facilities including sales reporting (by distributor, retailer), by POS machine, used/unused voucher cards reporting, etc
  • A web based interface for online users to directly recharge their pre-paid mobile as available at janotel.com. This will be supported by integrating online payment methods for the future.

Mobile App and POS Machines Integration

Janotel supports API based access to the central EVD server. The mobile and POS application run on android devices.

The client application (Janotel App) contains the following key features:

  • Access the EVD server using HTTPS protocol
  • Authorize client devices (POS machines) using telephone, PIN, unique authorization key, and POS serial number. This allows a very secure connection from the POS terminal to the server and prohibits any connection from any other client which is not authorized from the central system.
  • Offline support
  • Order Management
  • Sales History and reporting
  • Balance checking
  • Transfer balance from one POS machine to another
  • Settings for Retailer name/address, Agent name/address, PIN and phone
Janotel App

Pic: Android POS device with Janotel app