DMSHub – Secured Document Management System


DMSHub is a Secure Electronic Document Management system. The system incorporates processes like document capturing, storage, classification, searching, sharing, tracking, reading, security levels, distribution of documents and retention of documents, document and records display policy, document hierarchy control and document status monitoring. The multi lingual web-based system allows authorized users to upload documents based on their category, security level, hierarchical source, and other important parameters. Authenticated and Authorized users can only access the document based on their access role.

SMS – Integrated Stock & Inventory Management System


The stock and inventory management solution provide detailed functions of any given Stock and Inventory management process modeling all transactions and workflows. It supports the following features

  • Inventory Control and Optimization
  • Order management
  • Sales Reports
  • Purchase Management
  • Accounting
  • Customer and Vendor Management
  • Inventory Transfer
  • Stock balances
Portal and Collaboration Solutions (CMS)


We have custom developed a multi-purpose Content Management Solution that will be used for the design and implementation of information portals, dynamic websites and all types of collaboration solutions.

The Content Management System (CMS) is designed from scratch as a bespoke solution. It beautifully supports multi-language development and provides robust support for security, performance, and design beauty.

The CMS solution has separate backend and frontend subsystems where the backend will be used to manage the frontend contents.

MStream – Media Streaming Solutions


MStream is an Android and iOS application that allows TV and Radio stations stream their live programs online. These native mobile applications allow users to stream live programs online, record programs for offline use, display program schedule, program favorites and contact functionalities.

The applications are designed as general-purpose solutions for any FM and AM radio stations to broadcast their live programs on any Android and iOS mobiles phones.

AelafTravel – Travel & Hospitality Solution


AelafTravel is a custom built solution that covers the end to end operations of Holiday divisions. The solution manages all reservation (air, car, hotels, activities and packages), inventory and back office processes via a fully integrated reservation system. Travel tour operators may post travel deals and other users may search for deals and order using PayPal or other merchant secure checkout. Aelaf Travel has inbuilt tour management system that allows you to create your own tour plan and customize your pricing.

It is a one stop tourism portal and allows creating unlimited custom tour plans, dynamic web form and abilities of field customization, web based order, invoicing and payment system, etc.

MePR – Media and PR Management Solution


This solution is developed to provide basic communication services such as Media reviews, communication tools, media listing, media productions, and PR listings. Any type of communication tool will be listed into the system and then the necessary media review by selected media professionals will be done. The system will then display the summarized result of the review with different information such as overall rating, production type, reviewer level, etc.