Software Development

Aelaf Software Team consists of experienced software and computer engineers, expert on Java, C# and PHP Technologies. Our team, mostly serving in mid and large scale software projects of various industries, put every detailed effort to produce fit-for-purpose, high-quality, reliable and comprehensible software solutions. During our software development projects, we employ the standard development disciplines and processes including

  • Process & Business Analysis Prior to Software Development
  • Software Architecture Design
  • Software Project Management
  • Software Development
  • Software Deployment and Training
  • Software Improvement and Maintenance
  • Integration with various solutions

At Aelaf, we use Agile Methodologies unless unique customer requirements forced us to use other methods.  Agile methodologies attempt to capture and use the dynamics of change inherent in software development in the development process itself rather than resisting the ever-present and quickly changing environment. Like Agile, Aelaf presumes that change is unavoidable and should be embraced throughout the product development cycle. The Agile approach helps us to get user feedback early; iterate often; validate our apps use case prior to launch.